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World of Speed 2019
Sept. 14 - 17, 2018

Salt Report
August 23, 2019

A team of people went out to the salt on Wednesday the 21st to
assess course conditions. The salt has dried a great deal and the BMST
crew is working a course next to the Speedweek courses and has been
able to work an area out to the seven mile. With the continued drying
of the salt we feel that when the USFRA starts to work their long
course we will be able to work it to the eighth mile and be able to
move the Speedweek starting line one mile to the north. We will also
have a modified short course with a full three miles of timing.
Be nice to Mother Nature she could change it all.

Gasoline Class Announcement
August 7, 2019

ERC fuel will be used at the USFRA World of Speed in 2019. VP fuels
was unable to service the World of Speed event this year so we will be
utilizing Rick Gold's ERC fuels. Those racers wishing to use one of
the SCTA gas class approved VP fuels may bring a factory sealed container of
the chosen VP fuel, we will put the fuel in your tank and officially
seal the tank. Gas class records set with ether ERC or VP fuels will
be accepted by both USFRA and SCTA.
All gas class record setting cars/bikes will be subject to fuel testing.
Dennis Sullivan President USFRA


World of Speed 2019

September 10th: Small group doing layout

September 11th & 12th: Setup 8:00 am until done

September 12th: Tech Inspection all day
(if you are there on the afternoon of the 11th let an inspector know and they will come to your pit).

September 13th: 8:30 am Drivers Meetings

September 13th: Start racing (as soon as Drivers Meetings are over) quit at 6:00 pm

September 14th - 16th: Start 8 am, quit at 6:00 pm

September 16th: Start picking up at noon, quit racing by 2:00 pm

September 16th & 17th: tear down and cleanup


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