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Don West Passes

You can read Don West's Obituary here.

Don was a guy who was born with speed in his blood. As a boy he had a cart with Speed written on the side, pulled by his goat.

1951 was his first year to the salt with a 32 Ford couple with a flathead. With a 107,78 mph run we returned home with a terrible sunburn and madly in love with the salt flats.

In the ensuing years he would build and compete with the 32 Coupe. a lakester, Studebaker that he chopped the top on the following year. His need to go faster continued with Blown Chrysler engines .

Also during these years of the 1960s he competed in boat racing where set the 5 mile competition record in his Crackerbox and also in an E boat. He was building engines for other boats at the time that became Champions on the water..

A 4 door Corvair with the blown Chrysler in the front seat came next and then the love affair with the Firebird that gave him t he coveted record and entry into the 200 mph Club. Marty West his son would later drive that car to a 260 mph record and 2 Club honors. That record set in 2002 remains in the record

Don was gifted with mechanical talent that he practiced in his business and helping others to set records on land and water, He passed away Nov. 11, 2013 and left the racing community with memories of his ability to go FAST.

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