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July 2014 USFRA Test and Tune
July 11-13, 2014

The Test-N-Tune was an execllent meet. The weather cooperated, salt conditions were very good, racers had plenty of opportunity to run, staging lines were virtually non-existant.
More experienced USFRA Staff said this meet reminded them of the "Good Old Days". The atmosphere was laidback and friendly.

Rick Gold and his ERC fuel truck will be at the Test-N-Tune to supply your fuel needs!!

For the first time in many years, we will hold a 3-day test and tune on the salt. This will be a non-record event. The course will consist of a three mile run-up to a 132' Speed Trap. There will be no Flying Mile timing. This event will offer racers a rare opportunity to test their cars and tune-ups prior to the start of the salt racing season.
Motorcycles meeting AMA (BUB) Safety Rules are permitted at this event.

All drivers must be a current member of the USFRA.
Each Entry will pay a Course Prep fee ($35), and an Event Entry fee of $265.
Total cost per Entry is $300.

Tech Inspection will open on Thursday July 10

Tech will be Safety Inspection Only (BNI/USFRA Rules)
There will be no class inspection, no Fuel Seals.
Rookie Drivers and New Vehicles will receive a Full Tech Inspection.

Sorry NO 130 and 150 Club participation at this event.

General Public Spectators are Not Invited to this event.
Only Current USFRA Club Members, Drivers and Crew are permitted.

USFRA Membership form here or in our Store -- Join TODAY!!
USFRA Membership price includes admission to this Test-N-Tune event and World of Speed and our Newsletter.
If you plan to attend either event the $50 membership fee is a bargain.

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