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The USFRA has started a new project, and we need your help!

I need to make clear, Just because I describe a part, using Speedway Motors language, part numbers, ect. of the part does not mean that only the speedway motors part is acceptable. In fact equivalent parts from any vendor, from your own custom fabrication shop, or an original part that will do the job is what I mean. The speedway references will simply help to make sure everyone is talking about the same “Kind” of part.

USFRA Club Car Roadster Parts Needed List
Part More Info Donor/Vendor Speedway part number
Frame Rails   Amercain Stamping Co. 916-57007
Cross Member front     916-57012
Crossmember Center     916-57029
Cross member rear      
Front axle complete kit   913-39012
Wish bones? Or      
radius rods? Or      
Hairpins? Or      
Front spring      
Front brakes? complete kit   913-3905x
Steering Box Vega from Lloyds Monza   910-32204
Steering Box Mount     916-32003
steering Pitman     702-2924
Steering Column     910-32302
Steering Wheel     604-09020
Intake Manifold Single 4 bbl racy/exotic??    
Engine Chevy 350 Bud McManus  
Carb Holly 750 DP D Wright  
Air cleaner      
Engine mounts      
Igintion module MSD 6-AL   547-6420
MSD Rev Limiter Chips     547-8746
Ignition Coil     547-8202
Ignition Coil Bracket   547-8213
distributor stock    
Transmission Turbo 350 Bud McManus  
  Power glide Larry Volk  
Trans mount      
SFI Trans blanket      
Drive shaft      
Rear end Ford 9" Lloyd Perry  
Axles Ford 9" Lloyd Perry  
Axle bearings      
Axle Seals      
Differential Ford 9" Dan Wright  
rear Radius rods?     916-45110
Ladder bars?     916-45119
4 bar rear     916-49055
rear pahhard bar     910-49800-raw
Rear Brakes Ford 9"    
Rear Springs Leaf springs Lloyd Perry  
Tires (4) Goodyear Landspeed Eagles George Poteet  
Coolant Tank 10 gallon    
Fuel Cell 5 gallon Bill Ward ??  
Fuel Line      
Fuel Line Plumbing Kit    
fuel pump      
Throttle pedal      
Throttle Linkage      
Master cylinder      
Pedal assembly      
Seat     910-70080
Head support R     910-70077
Head support L     910-70085
Drivers Harness Quick Release 7 point Crow ?  
Drive shaft Safety Loop     910-48312
Brake line Plumbing Kit   617-8560

If you have parts and pieces sitting unused in your shop, please consider donating some of those parts to the USFRA Club Car Project. The donated parts will be cleaned, inspected and repaired, if we can use them, we will. If they aren’t exactly what is needed, they will be bartered, traded or sold and the proceeds used to acquire parts and pieces we do need.
Be assured that nothing contributed will go to waste, and nothing will go into anybody’s pocket, this is an all volunteer effort.

Our hope is that one day in the not too distant future, you will see the USFRA Club Car sitting in the staging lanes at World of Speed, and you can say,
“Yeah, I helped the USFRA get that one going!”

Thanks in advance for your participation.

To help out, contact any USFRA official

To receive Email updates on USFRA Club Car progress-- email us at

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