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It is the responsibility of each Racer to fully understand and comply with the class rules and safety equipment requirements described in the SCTA rulebook. Safety Equipment rules change slightly from year to year, new rulebooks are available (usually) in March. Order yours from to be sure you comply with the current class rules. It’s a long drive to Bonneville from wherever you are, if you don’t meet safety requirements and aren’t allowed to run, it will seem a verrrrry long drive home.

Get a current rulebook and do your homework!!

“Hemi heads like blowers”.
Don Garlits

A few years back, two guys came to Bonneville with a Harley Davidson. They had fitted this bike with a turbo charger. Now this wasn’t some gold plated factory backed deal. No orange and black semi trailers in their pit. Just two guys with an Ironhead 883cc Sportster (yeah, that’s a Hemi) and a used turbocharger/homemade turbo-manifold combo they had bought at a yard sale. Yep, a yard sale. No information about who built it or why, no warranty, no instructions, just a Carb and a Turbo on a homemade Sportster exhaust manifold. These guys weren’t engineers, brain surgeons or rocket scientists. They were simply gearheads with excess enthusiasm. When they saw that rusty turbo setup laying in the front yard, they looked at each other and said, “Bonneville!!!!” Now you can call them crazy or dreamers, but the afternoon I visited them in their pit, you could best call them Giggly. Both of them sporting a monster adrenalin buzz. They were grinning like kids locked in the candy store. Why? Because they had a “problem”. The “problem” had them both grinning ear to ear. It seems that when their scooter hadn’t spooled up the turbo, it didn’t have enough power to pull the tall Bonneville gearing. And when it did come on to the turbo boost, it just blew away the back tire.
They said they didn’t have a throttle, they had a Wish List.
Crank on the throttle, and the bike just chugged along, the rider wishing he had the power he needed. Then-- SHAZAM!!!! the genie came out of the bottle and granted the wish, Instant Monster Power, uncontrolled wheelspin, motor revving wildly, and as the revs rise, so does the boost and the monster power grows and the tire spin spools up and the RPM builds boost and the boost builds torque and torque builds RPM and ----well, you get the idea--- a self sustaining feedback loop of internal combustion feeding frenzy, tirespin and instant psychotic flat track rider action, wheelspin loose drifting from one side of the 90 ft wide course to the other. When things finally get completely out of hand, common sense takes over, and the rider finally backs out of the throttle, the tire hooks, RPM drops, Turbo Boost vanishes and the rider is right back where he started--- With a chugging wheezing unboosted scooter with a Wish List instead of a throttle.

Lather – Rinse – Repeat!

So---just like you or I would, they cranked that throttle, started wishing again and---- SHAZAM!!!!
Monster power, sideways this way, then that way, all at felony reckless driving speeds. Over and over again for the whole 2 mile run up. Sideways gives new meaning to the term “The Flying Mile.” Of course they felt like the problem was themselves, what rider wouldn’t?? If Only--- they could ride better, tuck tighter, modulate that throttle better, ease off just a little, find that sweet spot, ride thru the wheelspin and/or hang on thru the head shake. “Yeah Dude, let me try it.” “Man, you’re too heavy on the throttle”. “I can do better, I’ll show you how!!”
That’s the train of thought that had both guys sitting in their pit with an incandescent adrenalin buzz.

Now this story should have a happy ending---Like how them boys sorted things out, found a voodoo traction spell, put the Genie on the payroll, bottled the SHAZAM!!!! Wrote their names into the Bonneville Records Book and all that jazz. The Headlines should read: Poor Boys with a Yard Sale Blower Beat All Odds! Seabiscuit Wins the Derby! Lassie Saves Timmy from the Well! Yada, yada, yada.

But it ain’t so.

Sorry Harley fans---This is going to sting a little, zip up your leather jacket and hang on to your do-rag.
The MPS/PBG 1000cc Class Record at 148.918 MPH has been (and still is) held by a NORTON (gasp!) since 1999.

Why isn’t that Harley Territory?

Do you know why that isn’t a proper Harley Davidson Record??? Because YOU haven’t made the effort to contest it. Yep, You. The guy in the mirror when you’re shaving. You know what I say is true. I know that you already have most of the Harley parts gathering dust in your garage. How do I know that?? I have been to your shop. I have been to a hundred others like it, too. In Illinois, in Indiana, in Florida, Utah, Michigan and California. I can testify to the fact that there are grimy little tiny unheated garages and big shiny showplace shops in every town in America, all with a collection of Harley Davidson parts waiting for a purpose, a dream, and a fresh dose of ambition. Yep, I sat in your shop and enjoyed a cold beer with you just last year, or has it been ten years now? You had a nice batch of Harley performance parts. They probably haven’t been touched since I visited. Screw them together and bring them to Bonneville.

Rust never sleeps.
Neil Young

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